Couples' Therapy

Couples' Therapy is useful, when there is general dissatisfaction in the relationship, in the case of acute crises or when disagreements always take place according to the same pattern without leading to a solution. Even when a separation appears as the only exit at the time, the course of the relationship can be positively influenced with a Couples' Therapy:

  • Improvement of communication and mutual understanding
  • Development of concrete approaches towards conflict resolution
  • Treatment of sexual problems
  • Development of satisfying, shared activities

Apart from behavioural therapeutic techniques I also use approaches from systemic therapy and schema therapy in Couples' Therapy. New, constructive behaviours are developed in Couples' Therapy. It is possible to gain a deeper understanding of the current conflicts by examining and uncovering behavioural patterns and the underlying, often hidden needs among one's self and the partner. When the partners learn to discover these and communicate them, a changed interaction enables moving closer towards each other and deepening the relationship.

Dates and costs

Initially a certain number of appointments are agreed, for example ten or 15 appointments. These then take place every two or three weeks. The sessions typically take longer than sessions only involving one person, typically 90 minutes. Private or public health insurances do not cover Couples' Therapy. Therefore, you need to cover the costs yourselves.