Coaching is a kind of self-reflection. Your career and professional aspects of life are examined against the backdrop of your personal life plan and career objectives. Together with the coach you develop solutions for your concerns and new perspectives open up from a combination of individual counselling, personal feedback and practical exercises. The relationship between you and the coach is based on trust, mutual acceptance and discretion.

The following issues are typical for coaching:

  • the desire for professional and private re-orientation
  • finding a sustainable work-life balance
  • difficulties in getting things done, dealing with conflict, improving communication
  • reflecting on decision processes
  • digesting stress
  • time management

At the beginning of the coaching process the current situation is clarified, followed by a definition of the desired objectives.

Once under way, we agree concrete and realistic steps specially tailored to you, which are realised in between the appointments. This might encompass various kinds of support, such as the simulation of critical situations, tools for planning and monitoring tasks and techniques of visualising experiences and situations.

Coaching comprises of a solution-oriented and resource-based approach. In other words, existing potential is strengthened and systematically exploited to solve problems. Previously hidden resources are tapped and new capabilities developed step-by-step. The objective is an improved self-management.

Appointments and fees for a coaching are agreed upon individually.